Quickcam Ultra Wireless Intraoral Camera

Quickcam Ultra Wireless Intraoral Camera

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Ultra Wide Band wireless, superb HD clarity, balance, shape, and controls make the new QuickCam ULTRA Intraoral camera handle like a dream!

Trade in old intraoral camera and receive FREE additional USB receiver

With Ultra Wide Band technology, the QuickCam Ultra conquers issues with interference without compromising HD image quality. Plus, with it’s specifically design shape, you’ll experience better ergonomics coupled with the ability to get better angles for your specific shots.

  •  Wireless UWB ( Ultra Wide Band ) = No interference
  • Auto Focus with Unique Liquid Lens
  • HD Resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Ergonomic handpiece shape
  • Works with all major software
  • Quality-Built with lasting components
  • Large field-of-view for smile, single tooth, macro